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Dr. Dick Buckles is a professional speaker, who will share his solutions to critical business issues such as how to find innovators who can turn problems into profits, manage organizational and culture change to improve organization effectiveness, and how to enhance positive aging in the workplace.

Business Topics

Dick Buckles speaks to a variety of organizations on positive aging, innovation, culture change, and leadership.  His unique background as a senior executive, change agent and business psychologist accompanied by his global experience with major corporations gives him an uncommon vision of innovation, leadership, and change.


How Successful Companies Use Thinking Style to Gain Competitive Advantage and Create a Culture of Innovation​


A Glowing Idea

How will your organization find the right people...with the right talent...to solve the right business problems...and produce innovative solutions? Can you cultivate a culture of innovation to insure future success? Innovation is the new mission for leaders throughout the world.  Where will you find your innovators?

A provocative look at the successes and failures in how we solve problems.  More importantly, how we "think" about solving problems in a way that results in innovative solutions that help us gain competitive advantage.  

Innovation is a special kind of human problem solving.  It involves the use of special kinds of problem solving strategies to come up with new business ideas, new product development, and new product                                                       designs.

          "Competition is a contest between management's thinking processes."                                                                                                    Ron Sanchez and Aime' Heene

Companies are in constant search for the innovator's grail.  But, EUREKA!!  The "innovator's grail" is the human mind!  The fact is, all people are creative...just creative in different ways.  Part of discovering the "grail" is figuring out how to identify the innovators in the organization and asking:  How do innovators think?  What problem solving strategies do they use?  Where are your innovators?  How will you find them?  How can you leverage their skills, styles, and abilities to turn problems into profits?

“The only sustainable form of market leadership is thought leadership.”

 In this talk we will help you discover some very effective ways to help you answer those questions.

To discover how successful companies are achieving this, email Dr. Dick Buckles at dick@drdickbuckles.com or call 210-408-2885

LEADING WITH VALUES - Pathways to Positive Culture Change 

Do you work in a world of constant change?  Are you constantly challenged to address the needs of a changing environment that requires developing the cultural capabilities to achieve your strategy? 

It's often said that change is eternal.  In the face of constant change, how do we effectively guide management and employees through the processes of culture change?  In this critical talk, we will look at change management and the variety of ways to alter skills, attitudes and behaviors as well as ways to align organizational systems, structures and work processes in order to create a culture that deals with the changing demands of the marketplace.

Your company may be recognized as a successful organization and industry leader.  However, you may now be faced with a rapidly changing environment where competitive position, need for innovation, cost issues and employee performance stand out as critical issues facing you.  The drive to competitive supremacy and profitable growth has fueled the unquestionable need to consistently renew organization wide systems and processes.

Building a targeted, high-velocity change capability in order to "renew" the culture of the organization is an agile process for aligning and guiding management, project teams, and employees through the natural responses to significant change in the market.

To discover how successful companies are achieving this, email Dr. Dick Buckles at dick@drdickbuckles.com or call 210-408-2885

ElderQuest - The Road Most Traveled: A Journey of Positive Aging

The road of life

Alone in the light

"Old age is like everything else.  To make a success of it, you've got to start young."   Theodore Roosevelt

A fundamental law of human nature is..."each and every day, in each and every way...we're getting older."  Everyday is one step further away from adulthood and one step closer to "elderhood."

Although we try hard - society today is structured to focus on youth and staying young but, the truth is, as Ben Franklin once noted, "Time flies, you say.  Alas, time stays, we fly."

So, an important question is, how do we age?  How do we want to age?  Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet wrote, "Do not go gently into that dark night.  Rage, rage, against the dying of the light."

Not sure we want to go that far but, how do you feel about growing old?  Are you comfortable moving on in life?  How does it affect you?  Your personal life?  Your family life?  Your work life?  Some people rage, some slink, some shuffle off to old age.  

Others face it realistically.  Some journey with a positive attitude.  Its been demonstrated that those who do will live longer, healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.  

As a company, how do you view your older workers?   How are they perceived in the organization? How does attitude toward working change with age? Can we encourage and promote a more positive attitude toward life and work as we age?  Can leadership and the organization have a role in achieving that?


In this talk, I will share some of my own experiences and thoughts while on a personal journey and transition to elderhood.  

I was 15 years old, living on my own in a boarding house and working after school. I had no discipline. At 16, I was kicked out of 2 high schools in my home town for fighting.  So, I lied about my age and joined the Marine Corps. I considered myself a warrior. In the Marine Corps I began to learn the nature of the warrior. To become a warrior means to learn the strategies of conflict and moral warfare and how to apply them. To become a warrior is to be transformed. It is a rite of passage.  And a natural segway to business!

​One doesn't have to be a Marine, or a soldier, or sailor, or airman to be a warrior. Why? Because, in my view, anyone who acts in the role of defender or protector is a warrior. You could be a policeman, a fireman, a businessman, a father, or a mother and still be a warrior.

​Who among us has taken that journey?  Where has my journey brought me? Where do I go from here?

​ I was a businessman. More to the point, I was a business psychologist who specialized in "change." That meant, to some extent, applying the strategies of conflict and warriorhood to managing people and social systems.  After so many years, however, I discovered that I needed a new challenge. I was happy to let the warrior ethos in me slip, modestly, into the background.

But then came questions: what was in store for me? What's next? As I asked those questions, I discovered something called   "elderhood" and the concept of "positive aging." I was curious. What is "positive aging?" What does it mean? What is its connection to elderhood?  How do I make this transition to elderhood yet retain some aspect of my warriorhood?  I explore that concept in this talk.

"Since the "modern" era began, aging has largely been seen as a time of decline, loss, and withdrawal from active contribution. Look up the word "retire" in the dictionary; most of the definitions include the word "withdraw." Accompanying this view is the belief, held in both overt and subtle ways, that once we retire, "it's all downhill from here." Our best years are over, with us by and large having made our significant contribution to society. Loss of a sense of purpose and meaning, and a flagging of our passions for life, is to be expected. The best we can do is hold on to who we have been for as long as possible, doing our best to stay healthy, enjoying life to the extent our health and finances will allow, perhaps finding some volunteer activities to keep us occupied, and hoping things turn out okay."   Ron Pevny

"Contrast this with the perspective that aging as a process of development of character analogous to the development of fine wine over time. Aging is understood as a necessary prerequisite for developing the wisdom that comes only from experience and reflection. This stage of our life provides time and opportunity for focusing on our deepest values, our personal development, our spiritual life, and our relationships with our loved ones and communities. These decades are not just the final chapter after we have passed our prime, but rather a time full of possibility for fulfillment, meaning, passion and active community engagement—if we consciously work to make them so."     Ron Pevny

I liked that. It seemed like a natural transition and transformation for me, having served as a warrior for the better part of my life.

In this talk I emphasize the positive aspects of aging.   The chance to move beyond the limited view of chronological age and emphasize attaining a sense of purpose and life satisfaction.  To "rage against" ageism as a systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they are old.  To highlight that there are both gains as well as losses in aging, and it's time to focus on the gains.  To give new understanding to the existential questions that occur, that is, life's meanings, life's limits, and the notion that we continue to develop throughout our life cycle.

Positive aging allows us to think about the many ways in which we can maximize our older years.  

If you're interested in having your organization or association learn more about how to do this, contact me at dick@drdickbuckles.com or call 1-210-408-2885.

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